JUNE 20, 2015 - St. Peter, MN


The 2014 Livestock Festival 5k Proudly Presents: 

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The COLOR DASH is a hurricane of color that is determined to create a one-of-a kind 5k race experience. Join in this year’s tie-dyed movement of bliss, renew your outlook on life, and give back to those in need.

You will begin the race with a shirt as white as the first Minnesota snow but we promise that along the way you will soak up enough color to brighten your day. As the DASH continues, you will find yourself being covered in a spectrum of colors: blue, green, pink, orange and yellow. At each Kilometer during the DASH, a new color explosion will add to the clean slate that you once were, until you come to the finish line and arrive into a final explosion of colors.

Don’t be surprised if you end up looking like a leprechaun dipped into that huge rainbow of color that he’s always searching for. It may be enough to get your feet moving and dance it off at the end of the DASH — whatever you do, let the colors move you!

All proceeds from the Livestock Festival / Colordash 5k go towards the purchase of livestock animals via World Vision.

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5k race beginning at
Church of St. Peter
1801 W Broadway Ave
St. Peter, MN

Check-In: 7:30am
Race: 9:00am

*Post 5k Party @ Minnesota Square Park: 10:00am

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