December 5th, 2015


The Beginnings of Livestock

In January of 2008 Livestock was merely a sparkle in our eye.
The thought surprisingly came to us out of a place of our own suffering.
We had pursued the all-American dream of owning our own
business however with the declining market; we had to close its doors.
It was devastating after 3 long years of trying to make it all work out,
long hours away from home and a pocket book stretched beyond limits.
Many nights we didn’t know what was going to be on the table for dinner,
no money to put gas in the car, or pay for any bills for that matter.
Our gas and electricity were shut off, our home in jeopardy of being taken from us,
sleepless night and endless days of not knowing what would come
and where we would end up.We cried out to God and He heard our pleas.
Then one day a check showed up in our mailbox to turn the heat back on in our home.
One day a bag of groceries was on our doorstep. One day milk had been put into our fridge.
In the middle of our distress, God used others to help lift us up. And in the middle of all
the messiness, a strange thing happened. We began experiencing an overwhelming need
to give. When we think back now it seems so simple, why not share what we are given?!
But what on earth do you give when you have nothing left, or so it seemed.
We had no money left, our emotions were dry, our motivation was squashed and there
was not much left in us physically. Until one day it came to us, why couldn’t we have
a couple of bands in our backyard, invite all our friends and family over, and raise
money to purchase animals through World Vision? A desire to pay-it-forward.
A desire to help another in need. A tangible, living gift that can keep on giving.
And with that, LIVESTOCK was born!!

Paying it forward,
Alex and Jill Hass